Garage sales (aka rummage sale, tag sale, yard sale) are basically irregularly informal schedules of selling your used goods without the need to get hold of business permits or collect any sales tax. The goods sold are mostly items that the owner does not need anymore such as clothing, books, household knickknacks, toys, garden tools, board games or sports equipment. If you are interested to learn in holding one in your area, here are some suggestions for successful and rewarding garage sales in Salem.
Simple as they may sound, these rummage sales really need lots of planning and preparation. First, you need to set up a date that is convenient for you and your customers. You don’t want to hold a yard sale with your potential customers at work, would you?  Next, it is also necessary to advertise your garage sale to attract more people. Keep in mind that the secret of having successful garage sales is foot traffic – the more people walking through the sale, the more chances of you selling the different items off.
Suggestions For Rewarding Garage Sales In Salem
Make sure also that you prep your items carefully to make them look saleable. Pay attention to the packaging. The nicer it looks the better chance of selling them off. Place price tags on the items to save time in answering redundant questions. Besides, it would increase the chance of customers buying the items if they know how much they would be paying for them. Remember that bargaining (or haggling) is common during these garage sales in Salem.

Make a strategy to end the sale. Call some charities or thrift stores to pick up your unsold items at a specific time. Post a sign that would tell customers the time the sale would end like getting the merchandise at half the price by 2pm. Whatever happens, don’t let the unsold items back inside.

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