In filing any type of claim, it is important that you are aware of the rules and procedures. There are a lot of benefits of knowing what to do and when to do it such as time saved, less effort, less problem and delay prevented. A working tax credits incapacity benefit is one of the most important benefits a person may receive from the government. And if you are eligible, it is right that you receive the correct amount of payment. There are times that a person can be overpaid or worse underpaid, if wrong procedures are done.

You need to consider the facts and information that will tell a person’s eligibility to the said benefit. This type of tax credit is specifically for the working people, although you need to pass the qualifications first before you may receive payment. A person who is 16 and up, who are working for about 16 hours or more per week, with low salary, with or without dependents etc. are the ones that can qualify.

Important Timeframes On Working Tax Credits

Articles for working tax credits self employed people how long for file a claim should be studied. The claim should be filed as soon as you know you are qualified. It should take two weeks for a person to receive the claim pack. That is why, you need to contact the helpline once you are sure you are eligible. The claim will then be reviewed and the payment will then be deposited in your account. Any information that you will send should be true and valid. Any fraudulent information can be subject to investigation.

If you still haven’t received the claim pack or application pack in two weeks, then you may call the helpline again for a follow up. If there is anything that you think is wrong on the claim such as the amount or calculation, then you can contact the HMRC for their explanation. You may also file an appeal after one month from the date the decision of the HMRC is made.