I have a sister who is always looking for hidden product charges. She will thoroughly scrutinize any product and try to equate its worth to its price. I borrowed a leaf from my sister and approached the translation process with a bit of uncertainty.

It was the first time I had required such services, and unlike goods it is often difficult to equate the cost of services to their worth. Everyone would like to get their money’s worth and that is exactly what led me to search for translation prices.

I came across few sites which listed their rates on their websites. Most required web users to send an email to the company, in order to get quotes. I was particularly impressed by Twigg’s Translation because they listed their general rates on their website.

The Factors Which Determine Translation Prices

What further sold me was the information they outlined on their site explaining how they computed the overall cost of their services. Here are some of the factors which I found out related to individual translation prices:

a) Length of the text

b) The format in which the text is presented to the translation company

c) The urgency with which the end product is needed

d) The amount of text revisions required to generate a legible end product

I also found out that the company based their initial rates on the number of characters per line. In the case of Twigg’s Translation, they charge between EUR 1.30 to EUR 1.50 per line of text; a line of text is considered to comprise of 55 characters inclusive of spaces. However, I realized that every individual seeking translation services have different requirements and the best way to get a precise rate was to ask the company for quotes.

I send an email to the company and was impressed by their fast response; within an hour, I knew how much the translation service would cost. Needless to say, I took up the company’s offer because by far they had the fairest translation prices. Not to say that their rates are cheap, but they are quite affordable for a company which utilizes human skills to carry out the translations.