The fact that students have to contend with numerous bills including tuition cost, accommodation, book prices and other expenses outside of college. Their tight budget leaves very little room for accommodating other demands.

College students can afford to smile with the possibility of saving on their auto insurance. Some of the ways of saving on cheap car insurance online from


Embracing good driving habits

It is necessary to avoid using the cell phone or performing any other distractive activities while driving. Making wise moves whenever you are driving will help you overcome chances of violating traffic rules, which will be evidenced by a clean driving license. Good driving habits will result in you benefiting from lower insurance-rates.

Choose vehicles carefully

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The choice of the vehicle has a bearing on the premium. It is therefore advisable to choose a 4-door sedan over a sports car.

Drive with a proper insurance policy

Driving without insurance could look like a feasible and quick solution to save money- this is however not the case. In the event of an accident, you will get yourself into more problems by ruining your credit-score for many years besides getting you into trouble with the legal system and eventually, making it difficult for you to get an affordable insurance policy.

Consider not acquiring a car

Although the option of having no car may not cross the minds of some students, it is important to weigh the option. Consider your lifestyle and if indeed the monthly car payments and insurance bills are proving to be a drain on your limited budget then the option of “no car” proves reasonable.

Instead, hiking a lift from others and choosing to pay for the service would amount to a practical solution. This will go a long way in helping you save extra money for more urgent demands.